Frank Day Motors are pleased to announce that we are the sole applicators for Tectyl Anti-Corrosion products in the Dublin area. We are experts in treating rust and corrosion damage on all types of vehicles.  From private to fleet vehicles we can provide the highest quality professionally applied anti-corrosion products that will add years to the life expectancy of your vehicles bodywork.

All of our staff have been extensively trained by our suppliers in the application of Tectyl products.


Underbody Corrosion Prevention

TECTYL 5765W-A is developed as an abrasion resistant underbody coating for buses and truck cabins. It is also suitable for complete undercoating of containers, trailers, caravans and other recreational vehicles.  TECTYL 5765W-A is also an excellent sealant for wooden floors of buses, trucks, caravans etc.  TECTYL 5765W-A cures to a dark-grey coloured, abrasion resistant, resilient, firm film.



Penetrant Corrosion Prevention

TECTYL 4D750 is a resin/oil based, light brown/yellow, liquid corrosion preventive compound. TECTYL 4D750 is almost completely free from organic solvent.
TECTYL 4D750 is designed for industrial application, giving good penetration into folds, flanges and cracks, making it very suitable as a corrosion preventive for the inside of car doors and other hollow sections of cars and rolling equipment.  TECTYL 4D750 cures to a light yellow, translucent, semi-soft film.  TECTYL 300G Clear E provides an effective barrier against corrosive environments for ferrous and non-ferrous fabrications and industrial components.


Corrosion Converter and Stabilizer

TECTYL 5401W RC (RUST CONVERTER) is a milky white-cream liquid, based on water reducible chelating polymers. It does not contain phosphoric acid.
TECTYL 5401W RC can be used on rusted steel and sandblasted steel as a pre-coating preparation. It is compatible with most paint types and coating systems, such as alkyd systems, modified alkyds, chlorinated rubber, epoxies, polyurethanes, and vinyl’s.  The product is non-hazardous, non-flammable and the dry film is fire retardant.
TECTYL 5401W RC can be applied on all rusted steel surfaces before painting or repainting when preparation by sandblasting is a problem, e.g. cargo holds, decks, hatch covers, superstructures, pipelines, winches, rails, etc. TECTYL 5401W RC can be also be used on sandblasted surfaces to prevent or passivate “flash rust”. It’s also particularly suitable for use in the highly corrosive marine atmosphere.