Frank Day Motors guarantee the highest level of standards in all work we undertake.  There is no vehicle too big for our expert staff.  With over 30 years in the industry, we repair vehicles for public authorities, commercial fleets and private owners ranging from large haulage transports, specialized  vehicles such as oil and liquid tankers, emergency service vehicles, airport and utility vehicles and passenger transports such as double-decker buses and coaches to private cars, and yes, even vintage vehicles and yachts!

From painting and refinishing to major bodywork,  our advanced equipment ensures the highest quality and cost effective service, as panels that would normally need to be replaced can be repaired.  Normally filling compounds are not required for such repairs thus decreasing cost and increasing reliability.

Other advanced equipment allows us to repair damaged or contorted sub frames which normally would lead to such expense that repairs would not be practical.  Having professional welders on our staff covering plant from Arc to TIG we have all the bases covered.  Rest assured that when replacement parts are sought we endeavor to keep costs down whilst using original manufacturer parts where available.  So if you have a crashed double-decker bus or a small car we can handle all of your repair requests.  Maybe that faded paintwork needs a new lease of life, for all jobs, we can give you back that flawless just bought shine.